Welcome to Nelson Art, photography and digital art by Steve Mann, specialist in pet and live event photography. Foremost though, I consider myself an artist, producing one-off and limited edition pieces of artwork for clients and public sale. I also hold large stock image portfolios with some of the worlds top photographic agencies.

I use mainly Nikon equipment, but I do have a soft spot for my old Sigma 105mm macro lens; as it's been with me since my first days shooting with DSLR cameras.
I was born in 1964 and spent almost all of my childhood either kicking a football, cheating death on a skateboard or hurling bicycles, and myself off of hillsides in a dangerous manner (sorry Mum).

I did OK at school. It was a fun place where, as well as the usual stuff I learnt three main things, four if you count blowing things up in chemistry.

How to skateboard (1979 Youth Club Champion)
How to play the guitar.
How to use a camera.

I'm now older and wiser, so I no longer ride on skateboards (although I'm sometimes still just as wreakless on a bike). I still play the guitar with plenty of recorded work here and there, but mainly I strum away these days in local bands and and sometimes with former T-rex drummer Bill Legend. And of course, I still love taking pictures.
I became a Christian at 12:10pm, June 23, 1987. God has been good to me since that day. And each day I wake, I'm thankful for who I am, what I do and all that's around me; even if some days I struggle.
I'm married to, Nikkie and have been for over 20 years. She is a blessing to me and I thank my Lord for her. And it's all her fault that I love animals so much.
I have two dogs, Lexi Lulla Bell and Trinity
I also have five adorable cats;
Alfie D, The Most Handsome Ginger Weasel
Dory Delicious,
The Bear
Our Mann Flint
Frankie-George the 10th, The Toothless Killer Beast of Bodmin Moor -aka- The Dragon

Our home doubles as a foster placement for the RSPCA & Cats Protection; and I call all the black kittens we raise, George.
I am founder member of UAAS; The Ugly Animals Appreciation Society (web page to follow - one day); and if I ever go missing, check your nearest airport/railway station/race track because I'll be watching the planes, trains & autombiles. Failing that, I'll be at a gig somewhere.
Thanks for visiting my website. Your thoughts and comments about my photographs are valued.